Fascination as a magnet

Corporate Philosophy

Strategic goals put into words: Lünstroth CI develops the highly motivating corporate philosophy.

Few practitioners immediately think of Corporate Identity as a corporate philosophy, corporate mission or code of conduct. However, the mission is one of the most important motivational carriers of an identity: only those who know the goals can follow the path.

“Unwritten laws” are everywhere, but one should not rely on them.

Lünstroth CI strategists develop modular guidelines with clear motivational content.

They are globally identical at the brand essence level, but in the “outer areas” of the Code of Conduct they focus on the respective conditions of the target culture in the affected countries and take their historically grown backgrounds into account.

Erstellung von Brand Guidelines

That’s how we work.

  • Check for existing corporate values ​​and agree on the goals
  • Check for possible problems (for example in other countries)
  • Suggestions for a central guideline
  • Development of different characteristics of the guides (for international branches or other parts of companies)
  • Regular reviews