International Protection

Legal certainty for all elements of the corporate identity

Many corporate identity agencies leave the protection of trademark rights to the legal departments of their clients.

But a corporate design can only exhaust the legal framework if the designers themselves know what is protectable.

The Lünstroth Corporate Identity Agency already integrates the maximum protection capability in the conceptual process.
Only those designers who know the legal options for corporate design can use them.
This procedure speeds up the optimization process and ensures maximum protection.

There are numerous possibilities – from typical animations to catchy sound designs or smell brands, many corporate identity assets can be protected against copycats and the corporate brand can be safe in its unique position. The developments in fields of protectability are changing so rapidly that the transfer from legal department to brand directions often takes too long.
This synthesis of trademark options and creative design in terms of content and form is difficult to achieve for creative agencies – for Lünstroth Corporate Identity Agency, it is the only legally secure option for minimizing brand and competition law risks.
Lünstroth Corporate Identity extends this advantage multinationally – the agency not only takes into account European legal norms, but also the different legal systems worldwide.