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Identity is formed in minds.

Corporate Design is the most beautiful Form of Corporate Identity.

That's what we are working for.

We are the Agency for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design.

We develop:

Brand | Corporate Identity

Brand | Corporate Design

In what we trust

creative identityThe best concept is senseless if the result is not convincing. We believe in the power of inspiration that creates great things from the right specifications.
Systematic brand systemBrand systems are complex and they must work in networked systems. A corporate design system that does not work in all environments is wrong.
Digital FirstIdentity solutions arise in the head and work emotionally. But their enforcement is always driven by technology.
international is interculturalWe think globally and start identity and design developments with this global approach in mind.
added value by designEvery optimization must have a positive economic effect in the medium and long term.
Identity as ImageIdeally, corporate identity and corporate image should be congruent.

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Current: Cobiax

Brand Relaunch

Since the beginning of the year, the roll-out of the brand relaunch has taken place: new positioning, new slogan, new logo, new corporate design and the basic brand assets. Congratulations, Cobiax!

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