Brand Architecture

If a company was a building.

There is an ideal design structure for each brand architecture.

Corporate identity depends directly on the brand architecture of the company and its divisions, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Mergers and acquisitions have led to history-based brand systems that do not follow the requirements of pure brand science.
This competitive situation requires designers who not only demonstrate visual sensitivity, but also think strategically. Lünstroth therefore develops design concepts that optimally fulfill the different requirements and offer scope for future flexibility.
Brand Architecture and Corporate Identity

The fitting brand system

Unlike umbrella branding, multi-brand architectures are low in risk; an image damage affects only one area and can not weaken the entire company. On the other hand, there are of course no synergy effects. That’s why functional questions arise for corporate design.
  • Should the companies have the same key color, the same fonts, as a unity?
  • What should be considered as overarching?
  • What should be experienced better as separated?
  • You may also need to keep decisions open until overarching strategic goals are defined?
  • Brand System Mercedes Benz

    Identity is always on the move.

    In digital times, brand management and brand architecture require a high degree of flexibility. A rapid response to changing markets, target group attitudes and technological developments should already be possible during the development of the corporate identity.
    For Lünstroth CI developers, brand architectures and their implementations in corporate design solutions are dynamic processes. Facing the competitive environment in constant motion the agency takes these market requirements into account by offering constant support.

    More Info?

    Corporate Brands can increase their market shares dramatically by strengthen their reputation.

    Not only the greater economic success is relevant but the better image regarding employer branding.

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