Well advised. Permanently.

Keeping the brand on course

In the age of social media and fast dialogues, companies are under constant pressure for innovation. Rapidly changing market conditions and the market entry of highly flexible competitors require a permanent fine-tuning of communication.
And more and more employees, foreign subsidiaries and customers “make brand”. Sometimes they are unaware of it. Lünstroth has developed the instrument of permanent accompaniment here. The core content of the corporate brand and its formal characteristics are constantly adapted to the latest circumstances.
Then, guidelines do not only stand on paper or in the cloud, but are pragmatically adapted to the communication needs of the company. And each communicant finds the framework guidelines which one’s own activity make safe. And the image database, exactly in the right format for the channels to be recorded, is always ready.
permanent consulting for digital branding in social media channels

The Flatrate Offer

  • Market monitoring
  • Media observation: Where should be communicated, where not more?
  • Development of stories about new products
  • Key visuals on news and new products and services
  • ideal formats for Instagram, Xing, Linkedin, Facebook, Google MyBusiness, Website, Employer Branding channels
  • Crisis communications
  • 24/7 support in case of problematic events