“We know what we are,
but not what we may be.”

William Shakespeare

Lünstroth is an agency for Corporate Identity.

Luenstroth is brand driven: Corporate strategy is guideline for optimizing the corporate myth. Corporate Identity is a concept of the 80s of the last century. Nowadays brand architectures are more complex, enterprises fractionated and communication channels are increasing. Corporate Identity as concept isn’t any longer sufficient to fit the actual demands for endowment with meaning. Interestingly most identity agencies have a strong focus on design. That’s surprising: The big majority of touchpoints of a corporate brand is content- or behavior driven.
CI-Agency History
Luenstroth Corporate Identity Consultants focus on the core of enterprise power – the myth which is empowering the company from inside. Only in rare cases this myth is laid on the surface and often not all employees are sharing the idea. But this corporate myth is the core which brings enterprises and their employees to maximum performance. Luenstroth Corporate Identity Consultants are going fo find this myth. And they know the tools to share it: Corporate Myth is the actual progression of Corporate Identity methods of the last century.

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Brand Core: a "living myth"

Lünstroth CI consultants have the brand core in mind and have the tools to share it with all target groups: Corporate Myth Sharing is the scientifically based further development of conventional corporate identity strategies.
In contrast to purely formal-aesthetic solutions, a holistic identity complex emerges, which on the one hand is consistent and comprehensible for employees and society and, on the other hand, has a strong unique and motivating effect.

Lünstroth Corporate Identity Agency thus offers a broader, more in-depth offer than other corporate identity agencies – it not only focuses on pure looks, but analyzes the motivating core of the company and tunes it to future goals.


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