Optimizing Corporate Brand

A new identity


Cobiax offers hollow body ceiling technologies. Instead of conventional solid concrete ceilings hollow plastic structures are integrated into the ceiling. The howllow bodies reduce the weight of the ceiling by keeping the stability.
This weight reduction offers many advantages: The weight of the entire building decreases, less sand is needed, the loads are reduced and larger rooms can be realized without supports. The bonus for the environment: CO2 emissions are also reduced significantly.
altes Logo Cobiax
Logo until 2018


The previously used logo is noticeable (due to the pulled down “x”), but – despite the benefits of the hollow body technology – too heavy and massive.

"Betondecken leicht gemacht"


The hitherto used slogan is primarily based on the reason why (“Concrete ceilings made lightweight”). The resulting benefit, however, is not clear.

The target group is limited, too: Neither builders nor architects can see at first glance, which advantages the Cobiax technology offers them.

alte Website


The previous website was correct in terms of content, but was unable to completely convince the target groups of architects and clients: Too gloomy, not enough fascination, too little high-end technology.


An understandably similar dark picture as in the Web area: The product color dominates the corporate colors; the print design signals little emphasis and is not motivating.

Move in a new direction

Etatgewinn für die Lünstroth Corporate Identity Experten
As part of the acquisition of the majority shareholding in Cobiax by the Heinze Group, the course is new: Cobiax should be perceived as the pioneering technology that it is. Heinze Holding offers the possiblity to optimize the entire brand to Lünstroth.

New Positioning

"wider scopes"

Instead of the old slogan, Lünstroth develops a new one that appeals to wider target groups in a user-oriented way. This is the first time that the performance of hollow-core technology is moving into the relevant set of builders and architects.


new Logo
The logo is reduced and streamlined; it is more associated with the brand promise of light elegance. The recognizability is maintained by the typology of the pulled down “x”. The brand ties so seamlessly to its heritage.

Print Design

Corporate Design Print
Lünstroth modifies the print design according to the new positioning: the colors are stronger, the dark disappears and images of the finished, aesthetically perfect buildings dominate the appearance.


The new website, staged and programmed by Color & Code, follows the brand promise of “wider scopes”. It is generously designed and relies on the large-format illustrations of completed buildings.
The website is fully programmed in AMP to provide the best performance not only on mobile devices but also on the desktop.


The video refutes the common assumption that hollow-core technologies are a relatively new – and therefore non proven- construction method.
It alleviates reservations about advanced technology and fosters rapid brand awareness.

More Info?

Corporate Brands can increase their market shares dramatically by strengthen their reputation.

Not only the greater economic success is relevant but the better image regarding all target groups.

Case Studies


Private Label Design

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