Brand Design

For sure: It has to be beautiful.

And also:

For a company, a design that looks just good is clearly not enough. Companies are in competition. Their decision-makers are responsible for the profitability and success of the company in general.
Therefore, corporate design can’t rely on appearance any longer, but it must actually become design in the Anglo-Saxon sense: It must work.
Above all, a design should motivate employees and focus on the corporate brand. And it should generate pride in the own company and it must be a signpost that illustrates the unique position of the company in competition.
In practice, the implementation plays the decisive role: Successful corporate design is consistently and internationally feasible.
It should therefore work across cultures and media: Intercultural competence is required. (That’s why at Lünstroth, not only designers and computer scientists work, but also an anthropologist.)
Lünstroth Corporate Identity develops cross-cultural and cross-technology designs and translates the identity “fitting” for all countries and devices into brand experiences.

Case Studies