Brand Identity Private Label

Situation at start

das alte Logo

This is the old logo of the private label.

A positioning within the market differencing against competitor brands does not exist.

The Relaunch


A private label usually is not advertised with high budgets.

In other words, a brand-based emotionalisation of the brand is not possible. The target groups have an eye on a good price-performance ratio and a high functionality of the private labeled workwear and work shoes.

That’s why Lünstroth propose the private label to make a promise of high functionality.

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Brand Design Core: the Logo

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The logo relaunch is based on the salient feature of the brand-giving bird: the extremely wide wings.


The Corporate Design Booklet provides the visual guidelines for implementation.
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Packages at POS

The new design shows its strength at the POS – the wings separate the packages from competition.